Rihanna leaves chris breezy ………

Posted: March 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

March 16, 2009. It’s officially over. MediaTakeOut.com can EXCLUSIVELY report to you that Rihanna has officially ENDED THINGS with R&B singer Chris Brown. And the manner in which Rihanna ended things was particularly SCANDALOUS!!!

The insider, who spoke to MediaTakeOut.com on the condition of anonymity, explained that Rihanna gave Chris an ultimatum – end all contact with manager Tina Davis, or lose her. The insider explained, “Rihanna will not take him back, especially if there is still any kind of relationship between him and Tina Davis – personal or professional! But he is not prepared to fire her, and [so he] lost Rihanna.”

As MediaTakeOut.com reported earlier, Tina and Chris have been rumored to be having a sexual relationship for many years. According to TMZ.com, Tina sent Chris a sexual text message – which sparked the assault incident. Tina has since issued a public statement – claiming that she and Chris were not sexually involved.

And so as of last THURSDAY NIGHT, Rihanna and Chris are officially over. Another insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “[Rihanna] left Los Angeles to clear her head … and get him out of her mind.”

But while Rihanna seems to be moving past the incident, Chris is reportedly falling into a very deep depression. A person close to Chris’ camp explains, “Initially he was confident that he’d get past this, but he’s beginning to lose hope … [Many] people are worried about him … I’ve never seen him like this.”chris


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