Posted: December 19, 2009 in Uncategorized


The blogosphere has been on fire since December 12th, when Google held it’s annual “all hands” meeting and gave out a mysterious device to it’s employees. Since then it has leaked been leaked to Twitter, Engadget, BGR and others. The 2.1 ROM has been stripped. The Boot sequence shown on both the Nexus, G1 and Droid.

There has been speculation that the device would be sold through the Google website and the above image puts credibility to that rumor. Right now takes you to a lovely 404 error page, but we’re thinkin soon enough there might be a bit of info there about the Nexus. Plenty of other rumors still circulating, but maybe this one can be put to rest for now.

As an iphone user the term iphone killer is lost with me. FIRST THE ANDROID PHONES BY tmobile and then everything else nokia …….htc………bbstorm…..alot of shots taken but all merely fell short but i will say this with the utmost truth and belief if this phone see’s the light of day iphone just may lose there loyal customers such as myself who hate ATT …….


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