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he 2010 Winter Olympics snuck up on us quickly as today, Friday, February 12 is the first official day! This is another exciting and history making moment for all seven continents and I’m sure many of you will be tuning in. For all of you who think that the only sports black people excel in are basketball, football, and track…take a look.

Meet Shani Davis, along with being gorgeous *smile* and talented; he is also the first Black Winter Olympic champion ever as in 2006 he won a Gold medal. Defending Olympic 1,000m speed skating champion Shani Davis said Wednesday he is “having more fun” in Vancouver than at previous Games as he bids for another gold medal.

Davis became the first black Winter Olympic individual event champion by winning the 2006 Olympic 1,000m gold and also took 1,500m silver. The three-time 1,500m and two-time 1,000m world champion owns world records at each distance. In Vancouver the 27-year-old is entered in the men’s 500m, 1000m, 1500m and 5000m races.

“I’m getting used to the ice now. I’m doing well. I hope my confidence continues to grow and when competition comes I hope to do well,” he said. “Things are really good. I’m having more fun here than at my two other Olympics so that’s a good starting point for my third Olympics. “You got to be focused but I do play a lot as well. Out of any other speedskater I think I have the most fun but during game time I put that away,” he added. Davis, who said he was in “good shape,”

He believes the US speedskating team has a decent mix of veterans and young athletes determined to prove themselves. Good luck Shani! We’ll be watching. I love it when w as a people show and prove to the world exactly how diverse, talented, and great we are!


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