The unfortunate side of Columbus underground

Posted: June 8, 2010 in opinion, Uncategorized

Ok. I hate to do this because the site has many useful details and information for someone new to Columbus but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Columbus underground is kind of like high school only all the rolls are reversed. For instance, when a new student comes to a school, everyone wants to talk with or befriend him. Not the case with CU.
Now, before any of the regulars who may stumble upon this post start asking “Who do I think I am?” anything of the such, know that my blog regularly brings in 200+ page views a day with out any promotion. I’m not posting to pimp my blog, rather to show what buffoonery some of the users like to cause.
OK Let me start with a few pieces of info for anyone who is thinking of joining Columbus underground. Check out some of the more inflammatory post by these folks; if you think you’d often disagree with them, don’t bother joining. It isn’t worth the blatent disrespect you may encounter from: BLUEEYECOOKIE….LAMMEOO…….OSUBLEW ………..BSNARF…..Core”I-Will-Never-Be-A”model. Not to mention dealing with the inane droll from PILSNERBEER. When I visit the site, personal attacks are regular. Kind of odd for such idealistic, forward thinking people, no? This site has turned me off and if I stop one person from joining I have done my job as a citizen. Visit the site but, I repeat, the forum-militia will poach you.
jaypee_z wrote >> 
and the masses unite lol god i love columbus lol my point is do what you wish thats why i posted it
core_models wrote

So how is the whole “douchebag out of the gate” personality working for you outside of here?



jaypee_z wrote >>
come check me out
Cookie wrote

I don’t really like it.

stop checking me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago I posted this and I will still say nothing has changed

back to what i posted yesterday …….
undererstanding the purpose of art (painting, sculpture, music, dance, poetry, literature, etc.), but isn’t one of the broader scopes to provide an emotive platform upon which to offer different ways of thinking, new approaches to old problems & to cultivate an understanding between folks that may have little, if anything, in common? Isn’t art supposed to bring people together & not push them apart? What good then is your combative tone? It appears that you hold my intelligence in doubt; at the very least you, question it. Why not help me to better understand what the art community in Columbus has to offer? Otherwise I am left to believe that the “creative wheels,” so to speak, have become clogged with the pessimistic, close-minded bile that you are more than willing to exhibit.
i am sorry to offend that was in no way my angle for even joining this site



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