Pingchat Cross platform im client for iphone/blackberry

Posted: November 5, 2010 in opinion

Now I Just Downloaded this App for my BB and haven’t really used it, but right away I was Able to add a Profile Pic and a description of me once I get some Contacts they’ll know its me, And Once you have contacts you can get their profile pic and description by inviting them and they accept! From what I researched it seems pretty fast and is a little like BBM with the D(delivered) and R(received), notifications, can send Text, Pics, audio, and Allegedly has the ability for video but you have to record a vid then send it through the messenger, which is still pretty cool, but not like Facetime or Qik/Android realtime Video Apps. Oh and I see you can do group chatting on here which I also Like! It feels like to get contacts the people you know have to have an account and you need to know there username or phone #(cause when you sign up you pick a username or put in your phone#). Now once in and you set up all your stuff, you can go to settings to check you ID or phone # you entered or unregister you ID or Verify your Phone# or turn your Push Notifications on/off and go into your sound profile to set a ringtone right from the app! Oh In case I forgot it works for iPhone, Blackberry and Android!!! I’ll keep updated for the drawbacks!!! And Note to Pingchat! If you get overloaded like we did KiK, I need Credit for that!!!! but for now get to downloading!!!!


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