Sarah palins daughter is dating a black man (pics inside)

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

just got wind of some EXPLOSIVE news. Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol is dating Disney actor Kyle Massey – A BROTHER!!!

According to our friends at the National Enquirer, Bristol and Kyle are not just dating . . . they’re filming a reality show together.

And Bristol’s mom Sarah is NERVOUS about how her daughter’s new relationship will make her look to her RACIST tea party supporters. You know those tea partiers might be OK with Bristol getting KNOCKED UP at 17 . . . but there’s NO WAY they’ll allow her to date a brother

  1. c.e.greene says:

    i would NOT vote for her, if she cant control her daughter,, i dont think she could control the country

    I dont believe in mixing the races

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