Posted: May 30, 2011 in sports, Uncategorized

MoeMoneyNoProbs: Boy I wouldnt steal a cookie around yo SNITCH Ass——> @SmallyMcfly

MzEverFRESH: @SmallyMcfly should change his shit to @SNITCHassBITCH!!!!

PeteRubens: no country for @smallymcfly… he’s gotta get the fuck outta here

LilRev216: I’m gonna put @smallymcfly name in my prayer group, if u want urs in just dm me ur name

Mr_NiceGuy__: @SmallyMcfly You better get out of town. Your the most hated man in Ohio

CDF35C: I know Ex-Ohio State players wanna whoop Ray Small ass!!

JBananaz718: I know Ray Small has a bounty on his head. How u gon drop a dime on ur own school? #noloyalty

djmrking: On some real shit, RAY SMALL got MAURICE CLARETT looking like EDDIE GEORGE to Buckeye Nation right now!

tattedup216: @RealSkipBayless bout to get Ray Small shot on First Take.

RickyD330: Ray Small may need to put into the witness protection program…

Gemini_N_Me: Watching 1st & 10….So pretty much Ray Small is the reason Tressell is gone. Fuckin snitchin ass bitch.

BURke_FaSho: ray small u are a fucking PUSSY. eagHTGRHRDH V #iWillFindYou

mdotf1986: @STONEYeleven Ray Small is a snitch. He wasa salty and bitter. Smh


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