Posted: May 11, 2012 in opinion, Uncategorized
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Vokul is the latest in a long list of Siri-esque releases, and, much like its Apple-created counterpart, its video advertisement presents a smooth, seamless product. Considering Apple has come under fire (and litigation) for misrepresenting Siri in ads, I was intrigued to see if vokul would also wind up being something of a let-down.


During the set-up tutorial, you get to pick from three different versions of English – US, UK, and AUS, and in order to become acquainted with vokul (pronounced “vocal”), you’re asked to say, “hey vokul” a couple of times. Picking up on an area Siri doesn’t cover, there are two ways of initiating vokul, and while you can “touch and talk” to activate it in a similar manner to Siri, you can also activate it by voice, by repeating the command “hey vokul” when in “always-on” mode.




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