My thoughts on why George Zimmerman will go FREE!!

Posted: May 18, 2012 in opinion, politics

I know this wont sit well, but here are a few facts, video surveillance along with THC in Trayvon’s blood along with other factors will lead to a freed George Zimmerman . Having served on a jury trial I was curious about the phrase, “Beyond the shadow of a doubt”.

Here is what Wikipedia says about the phrase.
“Beyond the shadow of a doubt is not the standard of proof in criminal cases (beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard in common law jurisdictions).”

Ok with that being said i went from being sure he was guilty to not being sure at all. The media in this country will do anything to create division and skew the views i see past that hopefully a lot of you do as well. Do i think it hurt Trayvon by being black HELL YES I DO but that being said the American legal system has never been kind to blacks well accept O.J SIMPSON LOL
So with that being said they will not be able to prove intent = no case against Zimmerman

my two cents judge not : )


  1. Bert Jones says:

    I think “intent” can be proven by the fact that the cops told him to stop following Trayvon, but he disobeyed and continued to follow the young man. What do you think?

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