Posted: May 21, 2012 in opinion, sports
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All jokes aside if you cant see by now that Lebron James is clearly better than Michael Jordan, take into consideration every angle of observation as a basketball analyst or the point of view of a basketball player.

The fact of the matter, when you get down to the nity-gritty details and specifics of the game of basketball, is that skills matter more than championships, at least in terms of who is the ‘better‘ basketball player. To win a championship you need a good team, and maybe a little bit of leadership too. But winning is over rated, and winners hyped into the greatness pool . To win a game you need luck, in the same amount as you need skill. One shot is all it takes to win a championship. There are billions of skilled basketball players in the world that never win championships. A championship does not make you skilled. It means you won a championship. There is not much more to it.

Lebron James is more dominant in the league than MJ respectively was in his time. He came into the league at a younger age, and was more of a prodigy than MJ ever was. He even reached the finals more times than MJ ever did at the same age. If Lebron James had the luxury of Michael Jordan to have greats on his team he would have more if not double the rings of Jordan. Had Jordan entered the league so early this would be a great argument that Lebron would win every time.
Lets take for instance the last game vs the pacers… THINK ABOUT IT YOU BONEHEADS

  1. Vinny says:

    This is kinda crazy. Maybe LeBron is a better athlete than MJ, but he is not a better player than MJ. Being a great player means hitting the big shot when the game is on the line. It means winning when it matters, anyone can win in the regular season. Your kinda arguing that Mike Vick, who may be the greatest athlete QB ever, is better than someone like John Elway. Talent doesn’t elevate you meaning your the greatest of all time. He is not even the leader on his own team. Lets see LeBron win some rings first before saying anything.

    • JPK says:

      Nice argument but saying Lebron is mike Vick not even close look if Lebron wins this year Jordan worshipers will just say he only has one . That being said statistically Lebron James will be the goat.

      • Vinny says:

        I’m just using him as an example for your argument, LeBron is defiantly better in his sport. If LeBron can get 3 or 4 rings then he can be considered for the greatest of all time, but if he gets only one then he never will. I know what your saying though and its unfair to some degree, but you have to have some rings to go along with stats. Star athletes get measured by rings not stats, just the way it is.

      • JPK says:

        I disagree Marino Barkley Malone Stockton I could go on and on

      • Vinny says:

        And what do they have all in common though? They are all great players, not the best of their sports though and are remembered for not winning a ring especially Marino. Sure LeBron is going to be in the HOF, but you cant compare him to Jordan, until he wins rings and hits the big shot. Just my opinion, everyone has their own!

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