[photos] Bobcats get new uniforms ask me looks like the Mav’s

Posted: June 20, 2012 in fashion, sports
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Holy smokes, Charlotte Bobcats news during the postseason that isn’t about the NBA Draft or a comical coaching search. What is the world coming to? So crazy.

But anyways, what you see up there are the new Charlotte Bobcats jerseys, which are really just Dallas Mavericks jerseys with “CATS” across the front and some pinstriping on the side panels. We’ve known about these for less than 12 hours and they are already the funniest jerseys in the league. It’s like the team saw the Mavericks win last year’s title during a meeting about redesigning their jerseys and were like, “How about those? Seems to work for them.” Then everybody else was like, “Sure. Let’s get some shawarma.”

That being said, these are still better than the previous Bobcats uniforms, simply because their blue is a deep navy instead of that old color that looked like a pair of jeans that have been washed six times. While I’d prefer a lot more orange, I’ll admit that the tiny details in the world’s best color are a nice touch, as are the pinstriped side panels that keep things just Bobcatty enough that you don’t actually think they are wearing Mavericks unis. And hey, at least the team didn’t let Michael Jordan design these, because that could have turned out horribly.

In just eight years of existence, this is already the Bobcats’ fourth look. And while this is the best of the bunch, I can’t imagine that changing jerseys every other year is good for establishing an identity. Factor in that the team would love to get the old Hornets name back and you just get the feeling that no one really has any strong feelings about the Bobcats, including the Bobcats.







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