(Video) What would you do? Tony Stewart caught grabbing Kevin Harvicks wife

Posted: September 19, 2012 in FUNNY, opinion
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CONCORD, N.C.—When Tony Stewart grabbed DeLana Harvick’s rump prior to the Sprint Cup race Sunday at Chicagoland Speedway, it was something he had done several times to the wife of racing rival Kevin Harvick and former co-owner of Kevin Harvick Inc.

The only difference Sunday was that he got caught on camera.

Stewart’s pre-race goose has gotten plenty of viewing in the last few days, and Stewart in some ways doesn’t know whether to laugh about it or be concerned that everyone is talking about his butt grab rather than the racing itself.

“I drove for them (in Nationwide) for a long time and we have a great friendship with them and it always makes her jump, so it’s something that we’ve always joked around about and talked about being good luck,” Stewart said Tuesday during an appearance to promote the October race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“It’s normally good luck for us. You do what works. I’m just glad that picking my nose wasn’t the thing that was good luck.”

Stewart and the Harvicks are good friends, and Kevin Harvick was standing near his wife when Stewart grabbed a handful of buttcheek.

“I didn’t even know that anybody even saw it,” Stewart said. “It wasn’t something that was out of the normal for us. Kevin comes up and gets me, I get DeLana, DeLana gets both of us. … We’ve always joked around and horsed around like that.

“It just seemed when it got caught on camera, it was a lot bigger deal for some reason.”

For the record, the three-time Cup champion said he wouldn’t just grab anyone’s behind.

“I never grabbed anybody that I thought would smack me,” he said. “I’m not going to grab somebody that I would offend because (the Harvicks) know that I’m not doing it any more than in a playful way.”

So what does he make of all the interest? He said he guessed it was a compliment but he’s pretty amazed that it appears to have gotten more interest than Brad Keselowski actually winning the race.

“I think that is pathetic because there is so much more stuff going on in our sport than that,” Stewart said.


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