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COLUMBUS — The reminders are on both wrists for Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields.

Think he’s not OK with having to earn the starting job in training camp despite arriving as the most decorated recruit in school history? Check out the red rubber bands with black lettering.

Humble over hype.


Buckeyes may be ineligible for a bowl game but don’t tell Mayor Coleman….. who has named a street after the 2012 undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes

The Ohio State basketball teams will have a late present waiting for them when they return to the hardwood following the winter holiday. According to The Columbus Dispatch’s Bob Baptist, Value City Arena is getting a new floor that will be ready after Christmas. The design rivals that of Illinois’, particularly the school logo at midcourt superimposed over an outline of the state of Ohio.
Ohio State fans should enjoy this new feature, because it was a staple at St. John Arena. No, it’s not the same logo as the one in the old gym, but it’s a modern nod to it.
Other than that, the free-throw lanes, like the state outline at midcourt, will be stained darker, the “B1G” logo will be added below each free-throw line, and a Buckeye logo will sit at each corner of the court.


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