CONCEPT ART: First Look at Immersive Guest Transport System for the Star Wars Hotel at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Posted: August 19, 2019 in Disney, sneakers


No, it’s not the “Black Box” ride, it’s a heavily modified bus. Guests will enter from a jetway which will put them inside the sealed-off center section of this bus. They won’t see a driver, nor the outside world of Central Florida, at least not until they disembark at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The intergalactic transports for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge are actually heavily modified buses.


A look inside the transport from above reveals a limited number of seats, all facing inwards. It appears as though even this short bus ride will be a rather intimate experience you may never forget.

The jetway keeps Star Wars Hotel guests from seeing that they aren't actually in space.

The inside of the transport is heavily themed, leading guests to believe they are in a space capsule on its way to a day of vacation fun on Batuu


The experience is completed by large screens that act as windows out into space. This should make for a pretty neat arrival in Black Spire Outpost starting with seeing Batuu from space.

So, what do you think? Are you excited to visit the Star Wars Hotel at Walt Disney World and take an intergalactic bus ride? Will it be in your budget? Well, you do still have a bit of time to save before it opens in time for the 50th anniversary of WDW.

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